Susan S. Scott

Haiku Joy

Susan S. Scott, PhD, author of Healing With Nature, invites us to explore further companionship with nature in this collection of her contemplative photographs and poetry. Haiku Joy will inspire readers from all walks of life to experience the natural world as friend, muse, and source of well-being. Blending the gifts of art and nature with her counseling practice of 40 years, Susan lives in the Northwest on Whidbey Island. [Available on]

Susan Scott’s visuals, both photographic and through haiku, open the portals to earthy awe. Ah, serenity! ~Dr. Sharon V. Betcher, Independent Scholar

Fine haiku always hides a mystery and only the very adept writer of haiku can implant intimations of this mystery in and among the words. There are rules and codes and traditions and myths, but true haiku is ever escaping these confines. And here we encounter Susan Scott’s Haiku Joy. Susan has been writing long enough and well enough and now free enough to be host to the true spirit of haiku, the spirit that yearns to express itself in metaphor, in simile, even allegory, with the symbolism always evoking the depth of nature to excite a resonance in the human heart. ~Russell Arthur Lockhart, author of Words as Eggs and Psyche Speaks

These haiku are a kind of paradox; tiny, but massive. A compression of words, of careful loving observation, where each poem is, in fact, a whole expansive world of beauty and the evident truth of a moment. ~Iona Whishaw, author of best-selling Lane Winslow mystery series