Picking up where I left off: September 2020

Nine years ago, I started a blog called “Age with Attitude.” I had just hit a birthday with a zero that freaked me out. I was mad! How did I get to be this advanced age? Where had my life gone? What happened to that hopeful twenty-year-old who saw the future as a wild and wonderful world of opportunity? I had far more questions than answers and thought I’d use a blog to write my way into understanding or at the very least, acceptance.

I designed a simple site and wrote a number of posts. Then my father passed away and my focus shifted to caring for my mother and learning to live with loss. Life carried on. But I never hit “publish.”

We moved from a small ranch to a city in another state and the notion of a blog faded into the background. Now I find myself backing into it by virtue of starting a (very) small press that needed a (very) small website. Blog was one of the nav bar links. What’s a girl to do?

So let’s see where it goes. Perhaps I’ll resurrect some of my nine-year-old posts. Perhaps I’ll be inspired to craft new ones. Right now various writing projects and staying sane in our currently wacko world consume my days. A window for writing here will open, I expect. Hopefully not nine years from now…