Julie Snyder

Heartland Haiku

Turning seventy prompted Julie Snyder to revisit her life through journals, photos and keepsakes. In haiku snapshots, she shares her small-town childhood, academic capers, career challenges, travel adventures, affairs of the heart and aging angst. A memoir in verse, Heartland Haiku is both intimate and sweeping in its expression of a life’s landscape. [Available on Amazon.com]

“The words cut with a knife’s precision and soothe like a caress. This is a marvelous book–both uniquely individual and utterly universal.”  ~Kim Taylor Blakemore, author of  The Companion

“In Julie Snyder’s marvelous memoir in verse, her poems serve as snapshots in a rich photo album of a clearly observed life.”  ~Matthew Graham, 2020-21 Indiana Poet Laureate and author of  The Geography of Home

“A fascinating memoir of an author who has lived … with utmost joie de vivre.”  ~Susan S. Scott, author of  Healing with Nature


Unconventional is one way to describe Julie Snyder’s travel writing career. After a decade of writing for and editing travel publications, she spent twenty years working in the travel and animal welfare industries before returning to writing about her adventures. The first go-round was for sustenance, the second for sport. In Ramblings, she’s blended more recent travel tales with “Time Travel” articles from the 1980s. How the world—and the writer—have changed. [Available on Amazon.com]

“Julie Snyder is a sharp and observant writer, blessed with insatiable curiosity and a well-developed sense of irony… she takes note of the oddities and little things that … take a story to another level.”  ~ Everett Potter, Everett Potter’s Travel Report, Forbes and National Geographic contributor

“Julie Snyder’s Ramblings is a brilliantly crafted collection of articles reflective of the author’s lifetime as a widely published travel writer and editor.”  ~Mary Lou Baker, Annapolis food and travel writer and author of  Seafood Lover’s Chesapeake Bay

Van Go-ing: Pandemic Travels in the Pacific Northwest

When the pandemic shut down their foreign travel plans, Julie Snyder and her husband, Joe Nolte, didn’t despair. Instead, they bought a 2002 Volkswagen Eurovan camper, masked up, and set out to explore the Pacific Northwest from their Portland home base. Dubbed Van Go on its virgin voyage, the pop-top camper became their new best friend. Van Go-ing chronicles their journeys in a light-hearted, vibrant, and sometimes sassy travelogue. [Available on Amazon.com]

Julie Snyder’s experience as a … world traveler and award-winning writer … turn[s] this tome into both a get-up-and-go travel inspiration and an armchair-worthy read. –Carol Canter, contributor, TravelExaminer.com and Medium.com

Snyder and her husband’s short treks … is not just a fun read; it also works its magic as an invitation to each of us to find our own travel method. –April Streeter, author of Women on Wheels: The Scandalous Untold History of Women in Bicycling

Whenever I read Julie Snyder’s travelogues, I have a pen and paper in hand to take notes, since I always want to duplicate her delicious finds. –Alida Thacher, Co-Founder, PDX Writers