Haiku Hindsight: December 2020

2020 COVID news from China

What can one say about the past year? So much, it overwhelmed me when I sat down to make a few year-end notes. So I went minimalist with my observations. Haiku in hindsight.

A year of promise
So began Twenty Twenty
Indian New Years.

Sisters’ adventure
Rajasthan and Taj Majal
Delhi finale.

Returned to my love
To celebrate thirty years
Devoted marriage

Transatlantic cruise
Then Italy and London
Our romantic plans

But Covid marched in
Inflicting global havoc
Life turned upside down.

Our routines evolved
Groceries ordered online
Masks wardrobe staple.

No more dinner dates
Movies a thing of the past
Social distancing.

We learned to adapt
Zoom became second nature
Tool for work and play.

Our world became small
Home, our castle or prison?
Nature salvation.

We are the lucky
We can stay safe in our home
We don’t need to work.

My heart’s broken for
Those who sickened and died
Absent family.

My heart’s broken for
Those deprived of one last touch
When loved ones depart.

My heart’s broken for
Those misguided who embrace
Risky behavior.

My heart’s thankful for
Those who risk their lives daily
Caring for the sick.

My heart’s thankful for
Service workers who take risks
To meet basic needs.

My heart’s thankful for
Generous friends and neighbors
Smiles behind their masks.

My heart’s hopeful for
A new administration
Responsive to all.

My heart’s hopeful for
Fast vaccine distribution
And broad compliance.

My heart’s hopeful for
A safer, saner and more
Compassionate world.

What we’ve learned this year
How to concoct lemonade
Out of life’s lemons.